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♥ Hi, my name is Annett and I'm 23 years old ♥
I'm 1,72m tall, slim and have long brown hair.

♥ Picture of me ♥

♥ I love the Girls of Nintendo, Final Fantasy, ♥
Naruto and much more.

♥ My hobbies are drawing, singing and gaming. ♥

♥ I love Pink, Spring, Cherry Blossoms and Cats. ♥

Is there anything else that you want to know?
Or do you want a commission?

In both cases,

Commission Prices

Commission Status: CLOSED

To see my commission rules and prices please visit my
"Rules and Price Journal"

Commission List

Ragnarok-Dragon1 - Button - Paid by happy-gurl -
SuperPaladin - Button - Paid by happy-gurl -
Blinded-Dinosaur - Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl -
CRed1988 - Button - Paid by happy-gurl -
Zeal04 - Button - Paid by happy-gurl -

Template Girls

:heart: Nintendo :heart:
:iconprincesspeachplz::iconrosalinaplz::iconprincessdaisyplz::iconwhite-mageplz: :iconsamusaranplz::iconpalutenaplz:
:iconootzeldaplz::iconprincesshildaplz::iconmidna-plz::iconnayruplz:Second Malon Icon by malon:iconsaria-plz: :iconnabooruplz:
:heart: Pokémon :heart:
:iconpokemoncynthiaplz: :iconwhitetoukoplz: :iconpkmntrainerdawn::iconpokemonmayplz: :iconleafplz: :iconwhite2plz: :iconpkmnserena-plz: :iconlyrakotoneplz: :iconmarinaplz::iconjasmineplz: :iconflanneryplz: :iconhgsserikaplz: :icondahliaplz: :iconcandiceplz: :iconkamitsureplz: :iconkamitsure2plz: :iconhgssmistyplz: :iconhgsssabrinaplz: :iconwhitneyakaneplz: :iconfuuroplz: :iconjuniperplz: :iconkarenpiz: :icondeliaketchumplz: :iconyancyplz: Pike Queen Lucy Avatar by HelloKittyTsi :icondaisyoakplz: :iconofficerjennyplz: :iconmelodyplz: :iconlizabethplz: :iconkatoreaplz: :iconclairibukiplz: :iconcheryl-plz: :iconsolanaplz:
:heart: Final Fantasy :heart:
Yuna by Held-der-Zeit Lenne by Held-der-Zeit Lightning by Held-der-Zeit Serah by Held-der-Zeit Jihl Nabaat by Held-der-Zeit Lebreau by Held-der-Zeit Chocolina by Held-der-Zeit Vanille by Held-der-Zeit Tifa by Held-der-Zeit Ashe by Held-der-Zeit Female Hume by Held-der-Zeit Rinoa by Held-der-Zeit Rikku by Held-der-Zeit Quistis by Held-der-Zeit Refia by Held-der-Zeit Garnet by Held-der-Zeit Rydia by Held-der-Zeit Rosa by Held-der-Zeit Aerith by Held-der-Zeit :iconyuffieplz: :iconroseslady: :iconlulu-plz: :iconstellafleuretplz::iconfranplz:
:heart: Kingdom Hearts :heart:
:iconkairi2plz: :iconaqua-plz: xion icon 2 by skallie Namine Icon 5 by Sitoan :iconoletteplz: Larxene Free Avatar by DarthRegina125
:heart: Naruto :heart:
:icontsunadesenjuplz:: :iconinosmileplz: :iconsakuraharunoplz: :iconkushinaplz: :iconterumimei: :iconhinatablushingplz: :iconkurenaiplz: :iconshizuneplz: :iconanko-plz:: :icontentenraepfaceplz: iheartKONAN icon by Silenthustler9000 :iconmabuiplz: :iconkurotsuchi-plz: :iconnaruko-plz: :icontemari-plz: :iconmatsuri-plz: :iconsari-plz: :iconrinnoharaplz:
:heart: Tales Of :heart:
:iconsheena-plz: :iconraineplz: :iconcoletteplz: :iconsalamicc: :iconcheriaplz: :iconmartaplz: :icontabathaplz: :iconteargrantsplz: :icontogsophieplz: :icontogpascalplz: :iconalice2-plz: :iconlegrettaplz::iconmillamaxwellplz:
:heart: Hyperdimension Neptunia :heart:
Nepgear Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Rom Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Ram Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Vert Icon by DUSKvsDAWN 5PB Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Black Heart Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Black Sister Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Chika Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Compa Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Green Heart Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Iris Heart Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Neptune Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Noire Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Purple Heart Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Purple Sister Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Pururut Icon by DUSKvsDAWN White Sister Ram Icon by DUSKvsDAWN White Sister Rom Icon by DUSKvsDAWN Yellow Heart Icon by DUSKvsDAWN

More sexy Girls

:iconlucyheartphiliaplz: :iconmirajaneplz: :iconcanaalberonaplz: :iconerzascarletplz: :iconjuvialoxarplz: :iconlevymcgardenplz: Xianghua Aim Icon by Yuuhiko:icontrishplz: :iconmaishiranuiplz: Talim Aim Icon by Yuuhiko :iconmikuplz: :iconmegurinelukaplz: :iconalisaplz: :iconfayevalentineplz: Sophitia Alexandra Aim Icon by Yuuhiko :iconlilirochefortplz: :iconchunliplz: :iconkagomeplz: :iconsangoplz: :iconkikyoplz: :iconyokolittnerplz: :iconathenaasamiyaplz: :iconmicaiahplz: A HM: FF Chelsea Avatar by HelloKittyTsi HM: SSaF Suiren by HelloKittyTsi HM:FF Julia 01 by HelloKittyTsi HM:FF Natalie 01 by HelloKittyTsi :iconranma711: :iconakanetendoplz: :iconranmashampooplz: :iconukyoplz: :iconkasumiplz: For Morning-Rose 2 by SuperTuffPinkPuff Tina Avatar by LalaLottaAvatars :iconreimiplz: :iconmanadarkmagiciangil::iconmaivalentineplz::iconteagardnerplz: Kasumi Icon by NinjaKasumi123 :icontekkenlingxiaoyuplz: Ayane Avatar by LalaLottaAvatars :iconnamiplz: :iconnicorobinplz: :iconboahancockplz: :iconlitchifayelingplz: :iconnoelvermillionplz:


Mon Jul 14, 2014, 5:30 AM



Thank you boys, for this great GAME!!!! :icononionloveplz:


Who is the hottest chick, you have ever seen in Videogames or Anime?^^ 

50 deviants said Leave a comment ^__^

Harem Commissions

Harem starts by 4 girls

Harem with 4 Girls -> 30€
Harem with 5 Girls -> 40€
Harem with 6 Girls -> 50€
Harem with 7 Girls -> 60€
Harem with 8 Girls -> 70€
Harem with 9 Girls -> 80€
Harem with 10 Girls -> 90€
Harem Background is for free!

My  first Harem Try by SexyPinkLady Comm: Fire Emblem Harem by SexyPinkLady

:iconclanbob: - Final Fantasy Harem - Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:iconsophitia-chan: - Mixed Harem - Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Harem commissions are really hard to draw and take lot of time. Please understand I cant work on them everyday.
Thank you!

:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Not started yet
:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Sketching
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Lineart
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Coloring
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Last edit
:star::star::star::star::star: Done



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janus-006 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm halfway done in my work; Lucina's finished and I'm moving on to Yukiko. Aside from that, I hope you are well, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Lawman09 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
(1 Reply)
janus-006 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Finally, I can show you something of what I've been doing! (It makes me feel better as it means I can stop thinking you think I'm lying)
I am going to experiment with a few new colouring techniques - it might take longer than anticipated, but it will be done soon!
janus-006 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Good news at last. I found enough time to get everything going on the art I owe you; I should be able to get it done by next week. A lot has happened lately, what with some really annoying coursework connected to my job (studying for a degree was involved), as well as a minor mental breakdown (on my birthday, no less - some present that was!)... but I think I'm on top of things. I hope you are well and enjoying life as much as possible.
(1 Reply)
blinded-dinosaur Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, Annette.  This may sound a little odd, but would you be interested in having a 3D version of yourself (alone or possibly with a friend :)).  I'm not asking for anything in return.  I just wondered if you were interested in a little fan art.  When it comes to 3D (at least for me), I may not have the content required to match things 100%, but hopefully I could come up with something.

But if you are not interested b/c you do not like 3D and/or want fan art, that's fine.  Can't hurt to ask.  And I'm always looking for ideas.  :)

If you are interested, please send me a note along with some specifics about what you'd like to see.  The picture would be for you, not for me.  :)
(1 Reply)
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